Ater Wynne attorneys work hard to resolve disputes short of trial.  Long before this practice was known as Alternative Dispute Resolution, our lawyers pursued settlement, mediation and arbitration as creative alternatives to litigation. Ater Wynne attorneys are prepared to take a case to trial when it is in the best interests of a client, but we recognize that sometimes resolving the matter outside the judicial system creates a better solution.

We have extensive experience representing clients in private and court-mandated arbitration and before many of the agencies that provide independent arbitration, including the American Arbitration Association, Arbitration Service of Portland, Inc. and the National Association of Securities Dealers.  Several of our lawyers regularly serve as neutral arbitrators themselves through organizations such as the American Arbitration Association, through court appointment or through direct engagements. We draw on this experience when advocating for clients in the arbitration process.

Mediation is an effective adjunct to direct attempts at settlement. Our reputation as trial attorneys prepared to take a case to trial if settlement is less than favorable to our clients enhances our ability to achieve favorable results in the mediation process.  Again, we draw on our own lawyers’ experiences as neutral mediators to assist in preparing our cases and clients for the mediation process.  We serve as mediators at the request of parties.

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