Ater Wynne handles important appeals in federal and state court for a variety of clients.  Our attorneys have briefed and argued cases before the United States Supreme Court and the Oregon and Washington Supreme Courts, and we frequently appear before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Oregon and Washington Courts of Appeals. 

We focus our briefs on the critical legal issues likely to attract the attention of busy appellate judges, and our written work is characterized by rigorous legal analysis and a clear and readable style. We strive to make complex factual and legal disputes understandable and grounds for appeal fresh and persuasive. We are knowledgeable about the judges of the Washington and Oregon appellate courts and the Ninth Circuit, and we are familiar with the styles, approaches to judging, and oral argument practices of the different courts.

The appeals handled by Ater Wynne attorneys are as diverse as law itself, but we have made our mark with precedent-setting decisions involving complex business and public law issues, including securities law, bankruptcy, employment law, constitutional law, products liability, energy, and administrative rule-making. Our attorneys are also experienced in tax, construction law, election law, insurance, and land-use appeals. Our clients range from technology and industrial companies to trade associations, public entities, and individuals. Our work includes appeals from jury verdicts and other trial court judgements, and administrative hearings, as well as original proceedings in appellate courts, such as mandamus actions. solution.

Our appellate expertise is based on scores of successful briefs and arguments. Members of the firm have served as law review editors and continue to publish legal articles widely read by courts and practicing lawyers.

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