Ater Wynne litigators have the highest level of expertise and deep experience in failed bank and professional liability investigations and litigation.  During the Savings & Loan Crisis, Ater Wynne attorneys litigated against directors, officers, and accountants of failed financial institutions in the Northwest.  Today, the firm represents the FDIC in failed bank investigations and litigation throughout the Western United States.

Ater Wynne’s expertise with D&O liability includes recent representative matters such as:

Our firm also defends claims against directors and officers.  Recent matters include:

Ater Wynne also represents and advises directors, officers, and boards of directors of public and private companies as to directors’ and officers’ fiduciary duties, potential liability for breach of those duties, indemnification rights and obligations, and related issues.  Our firm advises boards of directors as to their fiduciary duties to tribal government, tribal businesses, and tribal member electorates.  Our bankruptcy partners frequently advises officers and directors as to their fiduciary duties when a business is in the zone of insolvency. 

Our attorneys serve as expert witnesses in D&O and professional liability matters.  Our attorneys also serve as counsel to the board of directors of corporations, regularly advising the boards regarding fiduciary duties, indemnification, D&O insurance, and other matters.  Our firm also served as special counsel to a museum’s board of directors as to the fiduciary obligations of its directors and represented special committees of the board of directors investigating allegations of breach of fiduciary duties by officers or directors.