Ater Wynne’s Wealth Preservation Group offers more than a quarter century of experience in estate planning strategies for clients with complex and sophisticated needs. Our lawyers work collaboratively with other lawyers and professional advisors to achieve the goals and objectives of the client. We value teamwork, service, trust and integrity. We value most our clients and the unique and individual needs, goals and objectives of each client. To each estate planning client, our attorneys are personal legal advisors.

 The group regularly prepares estate plans, reviews plans prepared by others; drafts wills, trust agreements, advance directives, powers of attorney and other documents necessary to implement the goals of our clients.

 The attorneys of Ater Wynne understand the stress caused with the death of a loved-one at the same time the estate of a deceased is being administered. We see our role as making certain all of the formalities of the process are undertaken professionally and timely. Where there is a dispute, our lawyers can provide legal representation as well.