Ater Wynne’s Global Trade Group recognizes the complexities of international business with both a local and global perspective. This approach helps clients overcome the challenges of doing business here and abroad, so they can focus on the future. We bring a combination of experience and insight to our international practice, while offering cutting-edge solutions to assist clients in both sustaining and enhancing their competiveness in an ever-changing world.

 Our counsel and advocacy help our clients navigate through complex legal requirements in transactions involving private parties, as well as the U.S. and foreign governments in international trade. Our broad spectrum of services include contract management and export controls, distribution and licensing programs, international marketing, joint ventures, planning of international corporate structures and the opening of foreign offices and manufacturing facilities. We provide our clients, from start-ups to publicly-traded manufacturing and technology companies, with clear and creative solutions that best fit their objectives.

 In addition to offices along the West Coast and relationships with law firms worldwide, Ater Wynne is a member of Legal Counsel International and Lexwork International, both offer a worldwide alliance of law firms. Our Global Trade services include :

International Business, Immigration & Transactions

Imports, Customs & Export Controls

International Infrastructure & Government Contracting

Sales & Distribution

Representative Transactions