Technology law has been in the DNA of Ater Wynne for years. This focus has been a key differentiator for our firm and, as a result, Ater Wynne has earned a reputation as one of the region’s leading law firms for technology based companies, including technology consortia/SSO entities. Our firm provides this strategic legal counsel to local, regional, national, and multi-national technology-based clients.

Ater Wynne’s attorneys have extensive experience representing technology industry clients regarding a wide variety of issues related to the formation and ongoing operation of technology consortia, including standards-setting organizations (SSOs) and other multi-party industry initiatives. Frank X. Curci is the head of the Technology Consortia practice.

Few law firms can match our scope and depth of legal expertise in this area. The following outlines the key legal services Ater Wynne provides in this area:


Our attorneys are particularly proud that we provide the above legal services to both the nonprofit consortium entity as well as the companies participating as members/participants in these technology consortia.

We believe our experience representing these multiple stakeholders in technology consortia, which is not common in the same law firm, enables our attorneys to better understand the many nuances and complexities involved with forming and operating global technology consortia, including SSOs.

Ater Wynne has established a strategic alliance with Brad Biddle, principal of C. Bradford Biddle, P.C., a solo law firm that provides services related to standards development organizations, open source software and hardware initiatives, and entities navigating technology interoperability challenges. Prior to launching his independent practice, Brad was Standards Counsel for Intel Corporation, where he led the SIGs and Standards Practice Group. Ater Wynne’s strategic relationship with Brad Biddle provides our firm with the ability to more efficiently and effectively find the appropriate legal solutions for our technology consortia clients.

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