What We Do

Build. Focus. Collaborate.

Strategic counsel for local, regional and national clients

Propel Growth

A hallmark of our work is to be on the leading edge of each industry in which we focus. We don't try to be all things to all potential clients. Instead we've chosen a handful of industries in which we excel. Our attorneys know these areas of commerce - and the businesses within them - from the outside-in and the inside-out.

Concentrate Talent

We are organized into two general departments: Business and Litigation. These cover a wide range of practice areas, from Telecomm and Healthcare to Social Enterprise and Tax law. Whether assembling a team of talent or an individual attorney, we use an efficient and practical approach that gets right to the heart of what's needed for each unique situation.

Develop Partnerships

Our clients are innovators. Some change the way we live and work, while others break new ground and change convention. We help them build those futures, with creative thinking, savvy intuition, and strategic counsel. Most important, we do it by building relationships based on trust and mutual respect.